About us

At NOOREL Design, we are passionate about bringing the beauty and artistry of traditional Ikat weaving to the world. We are a small business that specializes in handcrafted Ikat bags and cushions, made from high-quality materials and produced using traditional weaving techniques.
Our journey began with a deep appreciation for the art and craft of Ikat weaving, and a desire to share it with others. We started by working with local artisans in Istanbul, learning about the history and culture of Ikat weaving, and honing our skills in this time-honored craft.
Over time, we began to develop our own unique designs and styles, bringing a modern twist to these traditional techniques. Our Ikat bags and cushions are not only beautiful and functional but also pieces of art that showcase the creativity and skill of our artisans.
We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and a personalized experience for each of our customers. Whether you are looking for a statement bag to complement your style or a unique cushion to add a touch of color to your home, we are here to help you find the perfect piece.
Thank you for considering NOOREL Design. We look forward to sharing the beauty and artistry of Ikat weaving with you.